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Laura Stuart

Laura Stuart
Laura Stuart is a British revert to Islam.

In Social Media:
On Mavi Marmara 
Stuart/JerseyLily travelled with the first Viva Palestina convoy, and was on the Mavi Marmara.

On Palestinian solidarity
According to Tony Greenstein, an anti-zionist activist, "Laura Stuart is one of the very worst bigots hanging around the Palestine Solidarity scene." She wrote to Gilad Atzmon: "... if your vision is for deliberation [website] to be for the purpose of “taking the piss out of the jews” then so be it if we all are branded anti semites, I don’t care but you should know by now that Jews cannot be responsible for everything, they may be clever but not that clever, the Palestinians and the Muslims are responsible for a lot of what goes wrong for them too."

In 2012 Laura Stuart accused Electronic Intifada of "propagating lies" about Atzmon after prominent Palestinian activists disavowed Atzmon's racism. Interesting that an alleged pro-Palestinian (non-Palestinian) activist (Laura Stuart/GazaBoatConvoy) attempts to paint a bona fide international group of Palestinian activists as liars.

On David Duke
Stuart/JerseyLily is fond of pushing David Duke videos about Jews to the MPACUK forums. Despite consistent refutations and rejections from other forum members, Stuart/JerseyLily continues to do recommend David Duke.
"David Duke at least speaks the truth and his past with the KKK is behind him"[0]
"Here an evangelist David Duke saying Islam is closer to christianity than judaism which according to him was founded after christianity."[0]
"If anyone wants to refute what DD says rather than refer to the issue of racism please go ahead."[0]
"If anyone has anything to say that refutes David Duke's claims then please post it, otherwise the usual attacks on David Duke as a person are pointless if no one is willing to point out where he lies or is incorrect."[0]
"D.D. does point out the use of Shabbos goys"[0] 
On Quilliam foundation  
"Quilliam and their ilk are the enemies from within. No one ever said that shaytan can't be polite and thoughtful or intelligent."[0] 

On Conpsiracy Theories
Stuart/JerseyLily supports the conspiracy theory that "Rothschilds dominate the media". She also believes that "UK government is under zionist occupation" (an allusion to ZOG, a rightwing abbreviation for their term 'zionist occupation government').

On Jews
Anti-zionist activist Tony Greenstein wrote in 2011 that:
 "On 27th April this year Stewart[sic] sent me out of the blue a link to a video . This lovely little production, entitled ‘What Famous Men Have To Say About Jews 1-3’ is the purest racist and anti-Semitic bile you can imagine. It is an openly neo-Nazi production, citing ‘famous people’ such as Martin Luther, Napoleon Bonaparte, a Pope and Ulysses Grant, Confederate General of the slave-owning South, as ‘proof’ of the general wickedness of the Jews. And it finishes up with one Houston Stewart-Chamberlain, author of The Foundations of the 19th Century and one of the key theoreticians who helped mould the ideas of Pan Germanism and the Nazi Party. Alfred Rosenburg, the Nazi Party theoretician who was hanged at Nuremburg, paid tribute to Chamberlain in the title of his own magnus opus, The Myth of the 20th Century."

On #FGM 

Laura Stuart says:
I do not support F.G.M. and neither does Sheik Haitham al Haddad…I make no claim to be a scholar myself but certainly Sheik Haitham al Haddad is a leading one in the U.K. and he sits on the Shariah Council. What these people fail to grasp is the difference between the sunna of female circumcision and F.G.M.
Laura Stuart appeared on 4ThoughtTV.

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