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Glen Jenvey

Unemployed Actor
In 1997, Glen Jenvey was described as an "unemployed actor", who assaulted a senior policeman in a road rage incident.

According to an unverified report by someone claiming to be Jenvey's daughter, Glen Jenvey was a Hindu, who later converted to Christianity.

Jenvey claimed a conversion to Islam, which later turned out to  be bogus.

In the Media
Jenvey featured in the anti-Islam film Obsession as a terrorism "expert".

Glen Jenvey "Terrorism researcher"
In 2008, Glen Jenvey featured in a report on BBC Newsnight as a "terrorism researcher".

In January 2009, a story run by newspaper The Sun printed claims, by self-styled "anti-terror expert" Glen Jenvey, that the popular online Muslim forum was being used by extremists to target leading British Jews in revenge for Israel's invasion of Gaza. An investigation by the PCC, into allegations that the forum member "abuislam" was in fact Glen Jenvey, then ensued. :
Jenvey – who had been described as "an extremely capable and knowledgeable analyst" by Tory MP Patrick Mercer – said: 'I'm fully responsible for the story. The Sun was deceived. The Sun did not know that I was behind the postings. I would like to apologise to all the British Jews who we scared and I'd like to apologise to The Sun newspaper.'"

Jenvey was arrested again in December 2009, on suspicion of inciting religious hatred against Jews:
"A self-styled terrorism expert who was behind a fabricated Sun front-page story about Lord Sugar and other Jewish figures being on an Islamic extremist hitlist has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred against Jews. Glen Jenvey, 44 – who has appeared on BBC Newsnight as an extremism expert and has helped the Sunday Times with research on terrorism – was arrested in a joint operation by Scotland Yard and Wiltshire Police in a dawn raid at his home in Salisbury. He was taken to a police station in Salisbury and questioned for several hours, and then bailed without charge until the end of January. Police took away his computer, his library of audio and DVD materials on Islamic extremists, and his mobile phone. "

In Social Media
  • On Forums - A  notorious sockpuppeteer, one of Jenvey's online pseudonyms was "abuislam",  which Jenvey used to make threats against Sir Alan Sugar and other prominent British Jews.

Alleged Family
In August 2012, Glen Jenvey's daughter Aymen Bint Jenvey talked to Sayyful Islam about her father:
"I was born to hindu parents, Glen my father converted to Christianity much later on, My mother left us when we were young as she had caught my father in bed with another man ( a white man )"
"had himself converted to Christianity after dating a Vicar at the local church"

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