Saturday, 6 April 2013

Roberta Moore

Roberta Moore is currently the head of extremist far-right organisation, JDL UK (Jewish Defence League UK).

In her own words
 "My friend, I have several names. Roberta Moore is one. Guess the other 39"

"I am PAGAN and I don't give a shit about anyone's religion"
In Social Media
Moore is a notorious sockpuppeteer. She writes a blog using the name Ayalah, called "Lightbearer's Realm", no doubt an allusion to Lucifer. On the Jewish Chronicle, she comments as Ufara Bat-Asherah. Her comments at the Whitechapel Anarchists' site were made using the name "The Last Prophetess". On 4Freedoms she has used the names Morrigan, Morrigan Dunn, and Ayalah Namun

International Civil Liberties Alliance 
In 2009, she attended a demo with her International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) colleagues, where she was filmed challenging Sunny Hundal. In the photograph below, is Roberta Moore (centre, front), with one of Moore's ICLA colleagues engaged in discussion with Sunny Hundal. Behind and to Hundal's left, stands Stephen Gash  of the Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE) group.

English Defence League
In 2010, Moore became the leader of the newly created English Defence League (EDL) Jewish Division. EDL's Jewish division was created by "Joe Bloggs", a pseudonym used by the man who had previously founded the EDL's LGBT division.

EDL's Matthew Stiddon arrested

EDL member Matthew Stiddon "made a few videos on request from someone at the Jewish Defence League" He was then arrested for producing material inciting racial hatred.

Jewish Defence League (UK)
In 2011, Moore split from the EDL, and formed a Jewish Defence League (UK) from the remains of Jewish English Defence League, which is affiliated to convicted American terrorist Victor Vancier's Jewish Task Force.

In the Media
Roberta Moore appeared on 4ThoughtTV:
Non-practicing Jew Roberta Moore joined the Israeli Army when she was 18 and is now the Head of the English Defence League's Jewish Division. She believes that Palestinians should move to Jordan, and Israel should take possession of Gaza and the West Bank.

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