Sunday, 15 May 2016

John Fuerst

John Fuerst, who has been described by Jonathan Kaplan as an "intellectually dishonest racist", writes at the hereditarian Open Psych forum with the username 'Chuck' [1] [2] and used to run the Occidentalist blog which the authors have now deleted, but which linked to a National Anarchist chapter.

In response to the above, Fuerst wrote: "I have no beef against SFers or "neo-Nazis"".

Fuerst is also a co-reviewer of two online journals, Open Differential Psychology and Open Behavioural Genetics.
For his paper, "The Nature of Race" published via Open Behavioural Genetics, Fuerst's external reviewer, after  many polite refusals, was the white supremacist Kevin MacDonald.[3]

Fuerst lives in Cary, North Carolina, took mushrooms in his youth, supports Trump "because of his immigration stance", and thinks conservatives should "shut the borders and outbreed liberals", He also bangs on about "primary allegiance" and "Jewish moral hypocrisy", and claims "the vast majority" of  Jews "favor the dissolution of their host nations through massive non-White immigration". His education is unclear, although he has a "verified email at" (North Carolina State University). Fuerst has at least one twitter account.

Fuerst claimed: "My verified google scholar account was recently mysteriously rendered unsearchable not long after I upset a group of anthropologists.". 
Unsurprisingly, his google scholar account is both searchable and viewable.

In response to questions asked by Michael Zimmer of WIRED, John Fuerst responded that:
"The lead author and some members of the editorial board are attending an international conference in London."

This is the "3rd London Conference on Intelligence" arranged by Dr. James Thompson of University College London. James Thompson has reviewed Richard Lynn’s contributions to personality and intelligence.

 Conference slides of a presentation by John Fuerst, Emil Kirkegaard and Mingrui Wang at this 'conference'

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  1. Jonathan Kaplan is a disgrace to academia to be honest. Unable to win in open debate he falls back on name-calling.